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Who is  serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards

Eds Family

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Pictured with his family in 1972, he wasn’t caught for his first murder until July 30th, 2009 when he was 76-years old.

Edward Wayne Edwards 2011 March

He had been killing and setting people up for 66 years… UNDETECTED. Edwards was first captured for murder on July 30th, 2009 in Jefferson, Wisconsin.


Case Reveiw Teresa Halbach Steven Avery Brendan Dassey

Steven Avery November 2005Missing-poster-Halbach200Branden Dassey

Edward Wayne Edwards is the real Zodiac Killer and he left his date of birth in the October 27th, 1970 Halloween Card that he had mailed to Reporter Paul Avery of the San Francisco Chronicle. The right hand contained 6-14-33, Ed Edwards date of birth.

Steven Avery was framed on Halloween, 2005 by The Zodiac Killer only because of his last name: “Avery” As the Zodiac Killer, Ed Edwards taunted reporter Paul Avery with his identity for 30 years in strange letters that all contained clues to the identity of the Zodiac Killer.

In November of 2005, after police arrested Steven Avery for the murder of Teresa Halbach, Ed Edwards sent a letter to the Sheriff of Manitowoc County,  detailing the day he planted the evidence (Friday November 4th 2005 at 3:00am) The letter was designed to appear as if it was written by a young, low IQ individual, like Brendan Dassey.   The following day, November 5th, 2005, volunteer searchers found the planted evidence and police were called. The letter was referred to as Cryptic in the Steve Avery trial.

Anonymous Letter November 2005 Steve Avery to Manitowac Sheriff front page Anonymous Letter November 2005 Steve Avery to Manitowac Sheriff


In June of 2010, Edwards confessed to five murders- To the press first -and then the courts:Insuring, killing and beheading 22 year old Dannie Law Gloekner in Ohio in 1996.


Shooting Judith Straub and Billy Lavacco, a young couple parked on a lovers lane, August, 8th 1977 in a park in Norton, Ohio.

Judith Straub

Judith Straub

Billy LaVacco

Billy LaVacco








Kidnapping, torturing, tying up and stabbing Timothy Hack and Kelly Drew, a young couple parked in their car in 1980 in Wisconsin. Edwards 2009 Criminal Complaint

Timothy Hack and Kelly Drew

Timothy Hack and Kelly Drew

Edwards pled guilty in March, 2011 to 5 murders and demanded to be executed by lethal injection. He was scheduled to die August 31st, 2011 but died April 7th.

After his confessions in 2011 police didn’t know that Edwards had started killing in 1945 when he was 12 years old, and never stopped until his capture, July 30th, 2009.  He had been in every State. His M.O. was to kill, set someone else up, and watch the system execute innocent men. His first triple killing was in Illinois in 1945,  and his last was in Illinois in 2009. At both scenes he wrote on the walls in red.

On May 5th, 2009 in Columbia, Illinois, Edwards strangled Sheri, Gavin and Garrett Coleman in their own beds while they slept, and set-up the husband, Christopher Coleman.

Christopher Coleman, 2009 still serving

Christopher Coleman, 2009 still serving

Edwards sprayed a message on the walls in red spray paint that in the end, contained letters to his name in mirror image. READ A 65 PAGE CASE review here: Coleman Case Review Final Sanitzed September 18 2015

APRIL 7, 2016: Christopher Coleman filed a federal Habeas petition and it was accepted into the Eastern District of Wisconsin Federal Court. This is the same court’s that Brendan Dassey and Steven Avery will be involved in. Read the Habeas Petition here:Christopher Coleman Habeas



Ed EdsYou W777 liber EdIMG_1638

Before being identified as a serial killer in 2010, Edwards wrote  and published his own autobiography in 1972. At the age of 39 he claimed in the book to be a former criminal but now, a successful writer and  family man. He traveled the country for 4 decades after writing it, handing it out to police officers and the MEDIA everywhere, and killing in their own back yards…
Free PDF of Edwards Book “Metamorphosis of a Criminal” Here
 Edwards praising police in his book cover2






In April of 1970, Edwards produced a religious motivational album. The album was a taunt to authorities to “Catch Him.”  Edwards killed from 1970 until his capture in 2009, gaining access to his victims through religious retreats.



Edwards was a Satanist and groomed his way into his victims lives through religious organizations.

He gave advice to woman in his book and on his album…

Metamorphosis of a Criminal

Metamorphosis of a Criminal

He acknowledged some of the people he conned in his book:

Metamorphosis of a Criminal

Metamorphosis of a Criminal

Metamorphosis of a Criminal

Metamorphosis of a Criminal

With the help of his new wife, Kay Edwards in 1968, and an EDITOR from the Akron Beacon Journal,  Edwards published his book after his release from Leavenworth Prison for Bank Robbery.

Ed and Kay type

Ed Edwards married Kay within 6 months of meeting her in 1968. He had married 2 previous women, Jeanette White in 1955 and Marlene Harmon in 1959.

Ed and Kay 1968Jeanette White Marlene Harmon

Kay and Ed 1968                        Jeanette White 1955             Marlene Harmon 1960

Edwards MO throughout life was to marry a women, impregnate her, and travel the country killing, robbing, burglarizing, using them as his alibi when confronted…He designed his killings to set innocent people up and succeeded for 66 years.

Edwards, trained in the Marines in 1950 at age 17, went AWOL after being told he could not go to Korea and kill Communists. Instead he traveled the country until 2009 killing Americans and targeting the PRESS, POLICE and COURTS for destruction.

edward wayne edwards marines platoon 57edward wayne edwards marine

Homicides Statistics in the USA and Edwards Incarcerations

Edwards in prison graph and homicide rateshomiciderates

Edwards, a diagnosed genius level psycho path at age 13 in 1947, used women for his selfish criminal needs his entire life. His psychiatric evaluations from 1947  confirms:

Metamorphosis of a Criminal

Metamorphosis of a Criminal

Edwards’ autobiography, Metamorphosis of a Criminal was a serial killers puzzle of murder against society. Placing every murder he committed between 1945 and 1968 in his book as a puzzle. Then, flaunting the book in our faces until his death April 7th, 2011.

If an investigator read Edwards’ book, and used his criminal records that dated back to 1942, the murders would be revealed…

And that’s what happened in Montana in 2010 when retired cold case detective John A Cameron confronted Ed Edwards while working for the Montana Board of Pardons and Parole Deer Lodge Prison

Download Metamorphosis of a Criminal free here.

For a free copy of Edwards Criminal Records Email me at

John A Cameron

John A Cameron

The book was the solution to identifying the real The Zodiac Killer, the killer who sent puzzles to the press in San Francisco starting in 1969.

ZODIAC-C-14DEC99-SC-HOEdwards 1970

Pictured next to the Zodiac composite, Edwards claimed in 1969 to have “metamorphosed” into a respectable citizen. It was all a lie…

He detailed attacking women in the book…

Edwards Attacking Women

Edwards Attacking Women2

Edwards detailed his life in the book using real names of some of his victims. From 1955 until 1956, Edwards was married to Jeanette White and had 1 child.

Jeanette WhiteJeanette Metamorphosis

Edwards escaped from an Ohio court room, April 7th, 1955. He kidnapped, raped, and forced 18 year old Jeanette White to travel the country while he killed. Portraying himself as a happily married family man with a pregnant wife. Killing in Chicago, California, Montana and Nebraska in an 8 month period.

Stephanie Bryan 1955Edwards escapes April 6th 1955

Berkeley, California, Stephanie Bryan murder April 28th, 1955

Chicago Victims

Chicago Triple Murder October 17th, 1955

CArolyn Nevins

Omaha, Nebraska Murder Carolyn Nevins December 9th, 1955

Patty and Duane

January 2 1956 Murder Patty Kalitske Duane Bogle January 2 1956 Murder Patty Kalitske Duane Bogle

Edwards got arrested in Montana March 7th, 1956 for robbery and ended up in Deer Lodge Prison. He was paroled to Portland, Oregon  in 1959, where he married Marlene Harmon.

Marlene HarmonMArlene Metamorphosis

Edwards traveled all over the USA from 1959-1962 portraying himself as a happily married family man while killing people with his pregnant wife Marlene Harmon.

Portland Lovers Lane MurderIrene Garza 2Wayne Budde 3

Beverly Allan and Larry Peyton, 1960            Irene Garza, Texas 1960           Wayne Budde, 1960

And in 1968, he married Kay Edwards, had 5 children and 11 grandchildren. He forced his family to move constantly and live in campgrounds while he killed. He was with Kay for 43 years, portraying himself as a happily married family man with a pregnant wife until his capture in 2009, killing hundreds all over the USA.

Kay EdwardsEd and Kay 1968Ed Edwards to speak SundayEdwards 1970Ed 1970Edward Wayne Edwards 2011 March

Metamorphosis of a Criminal

Metamorphosis of a Criminal

In March of 2009, Edwards’ daughter April Edwards, age 40, called police after recalling her father taking her and her brothers when they were very young to a field that was the scene of a double murder in Jefferson, Wisconsin. (August 1980) The family had been staying in a campground at the time. April was 11, David was 9 and John was 7.

Eds Family

April Edwards provided John A. Cameron an  April Edwards Timeline of her life from 1969-2010

April Edwards Life TimelinePage 2

April Edwards Life Timeline 3April Edwards Life Timline 4

Edwards MO throughout the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s was to hideout in campgrounds and kill in adjoining States.

Edwards confessed to 4 lover’s lanes murders in 2010.

Retired Cold Case Detective John A Cameron of Great Falls, Montana befriended Edward Wayne Edwards in 2010 after tying Edwards to a January 2nd, 1956 Lovers Lane murder in Great Falls, Montana that Edwards had gotten away with at age 22.

1956 great falls double slayings solved

Edwards’ book placed himself in Great Falls at the time of the lover’s lane murder, robbing and threatening people and he was arrested in Montana 2 months later.

Edwards in Great FallsEdwards in Great Falls 1956 describing begging

The book was a puzzle of murder. Edwards had started killing at age 11 in 1945 and never stopped until his capture in 2010.  Targeting sensitive groups of people like Catholics, Mormons, Islam, Blacks…

Metamorphosis of a Criminal

Metamorphosis of a Criminal

Edwards described in his book being forced into homosexuality at a very young age. He then targeted the gay community the rest of his life.

Metamorphosis of a Criminal

Metamorphosis of a Criminal

He told everyone in 1972 on the cover of his book, “Now he is a writer.”

Edwards wrote his story of murder for decades, and published it all as a puzzle.Cameron challenged Edwards in 2010-11 in writing, and it worked…

Eds BookEdwards Envelope March 18 2011-2You say you won the Zodiac Game

Edwards’ book was a serial killers puzzle of murder against society. The book contained all of the “Murders of Recognition” he had been bragging about and  committed between 1945 and 1968 (age 12 to 34), placed in his autobiography as a puzzle. He then repeated the same series of murder’s over and over again until his capture in 2010, tying it all to his book.

Victim of Murder

Approaching lover’s on lover’s lanes, kidnapping sleeping children from their homes, stabbing woman and drowning them in water. Blowing up and burning his victims to death. Cutting off hands, heads, fingers.  Staging suicides,  draining the blood. AND PLANTING FALSE DNA AT ALL HIS SCENES. Edwards was a ritualistic killer…Getting most all of his victims to come to him…

Portraying himself as a married family man with a pregnant wife, forcing his wives (3 over a 56 year period 1955-2011) to partake in parts of his crimes. Edwards had the credentials to prove he was-a Dr. of psychiatry, a preacher and a detective.

The book detailed the ruse: “We portrayed ourselves as Dr. Joyce and Jerry Love…”

Edwards Hatred for Psychiatrists

Edwards used the ruse that he worked for CIA, and he had all the credentials to prove it.

I work for the CID

Edwards portrayed himself as a preacher, and he warned everyone in his book not to trust them:

Metamorphosis of a Criminal

Metamorphosis of a Criminal

Edwards’ book,  Metamorphosis of a Criminal, was the “Metamorphosis” of the worst serial killer ever, thrown in the face of society as a puzzle, a taunt, the ultimate serial killer game.

Metamorphosis of a Criminal

Metamorphosis of a Criminal

Keeping track of his counts, Edwards Traveled and killed for 6 decades, in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s, claiming to be a soldier for Jesus Christ. Gaining access to his victims using his ruse of the most trusting careers-preacher-cop-doctor-and killing men, woman and children everywhere…every State and beyond, and standing in front of everyone…

Retreat Edwards 1977sunday2


Metamorphosis of a Criminal

Metamorphosis of a Criminal


Billy Lavacco 3Judith Straub 1977

Billy Lavacco and Judith Straub

Metamorphosis of a Criminal was the true story of the real Zodiac Killer. The killer never identified, who killed couples on lover’s lanes in San Francisco, 1968-70. Edwards wrote his 463 page puzzle against society, Metamorphosis of a Criminal, while he was killing everyone as The Zodiac Killer. The ultimate puzzle…

The Zodiac Killer was “Killing slaves for his afterlife,” and Edwards wrote about it in his book…

 slaves next life

Since 1945, Edwards acted like the real Zodiac Killer, contacting the press and police to announce his deeds like he did in 2010…

Metamorphosis of a Criminal

Metamorphosis of a Criminal

Edwards thrived off the MEDIA and promoted his book on October 17th, 1972 on the national game show “To Tell The Truth”. What nobody knew was that the REAL Zodiac killer, not the myth,  was standing in front of the nation…

Zodiac Killer Composite 1969

Zodiac Killer Composite 1969

Zodiac Killer Wanted

Zodiac Killer Wanted

  Ed Edwards 1972


The show talked about Edwards being a suspect in a double murder and his book placed himself at the scene on the day of discovery:

Edwards at the scene of a Lover's Lane Murder 1960

Edward Wayne Edwards, The Real Zodiac Killer, had been killing couples on Lover’s Lanes since 1956 In Great Falls, Montana, when he got caught for robbery and went to Deer Lodge Prison.  The Zodiac Killer had mentioned to survivor Bryan Hartnell in 1969 that he had been in Deer Lodge Prison Montana.

Edwards 1969 Zodiac Killer Cipher and What it Saidedward wayne edwards deer lodge prison

Conceived in the back seat of a car and born Charles Edward Meyers in Cleveland, Ohio in 1933, Edwards had his name changed at age 5  after his mother was shot in front of him in 1938.  A second mother died in 1939, and he was sent to Parmadale Catholic Orphanage in Cleveland, Ohio. Beaten by nuns and raped by the older boys and priests, Edwards escaped at age 11 and portrayed Satan the rest of his life, setting out to become the best killer ever. He succeeded…


Killing young boys and girls, teasing the press and police with his identity is something Edwards would do his entire life.

At age 22, just before being arrested in Montana for robbery in 1956, Edwards killed three 11-12 year old boys in Robinson Woods Park, Chicago on October 17th, 1955 and got away with it. He laid the boys out in the ‘Sign of the Cross” carved the “Big Dipper and the word “Great Bear” into the thigh of one, and placed them in public on display…The Zodiac Killer struck in 1955, 13 years before he struck in San Francisco…

Schuessler murder Schuesller Peterson Murder Site

38 years later On May 5th, 1993 at age 62, Edwards replicated his 1955 triple murder and  killed three, 8year old boys in Robin Hood Hills Park, West Memphis, Arkansas, stamping the forehead with the Cross and Circle. Edwards had used a cane to inflict the wounds on the boys, just as the Nuns had done to him:

West Memphis VictimsSigned by the Cross West Memphis ThreeNun Beating

Feeding his need for recognition, Edwards gained access to Hollywood movie producers and conned his way into the HBO documentary, Paradise Lost, The Robin Hood Hills Murders. He got himself filmed in his own murder mystery holding the murder weapon. Edwards appears standing over the grave of his own victims while the parents wept…

In July of 1993 after killing the three 8 year old boys in West Memphis, Arkansas,Edwards contacted the FBI by phone and letter, supplying them everything needed to identify him. The letter was recovered by John A Cameron from April Edwards in 2010. Edwards was taunting the FBI as he had done his entire life.

Edwards 1993 Letter 1Edwards 1993 letter 2Edwards 1993 Letter 3

 In the letter, Edwards mentioned some of his closest allies-Charles Manson and Jimmy Hoffa. The letter was a taunt to the FBI from the real Zodiac Killer. Edwards did know some of the nations worst criminals and competed with them for his murder game. Nobody would outdo Edward Wayne Edwards…

Beginning at age 12 in 1945,  Edward Wayne Edwards started creating ” Crimes of Recognition.”  What he meant was “Crimes that shock the conscience.” Murders so horrific they would gain notoriety for decades, and the MEDIA and PUBLIC would eat it up.

 Recognition 3

Starting in 1996, Ed Edwards started Blogging on Google, challenging the bloggers to identify him….

(Edward Wayne Edwards speaking on Google 1997 below)

Ed 1970I believe that beginning in the 1960’s or 1970’s, a new type of serial killer began to operate. I call him the Undetectable Serial Killer.This is a serial killer so brilliant, so organized, so in control of himself and his emotions, so determined to avoid capture, and so lacking in any desire for notoriety or publicity, that he or she is or was able to commit at least 50 individual killings, and perhaps as many as 500 killings.

(Edward Wayne Edwards January 8th, 1997, Google True Crime Blogs)

 Starting his killings at age 12 in Chicago in 1946, Edwards lured and killed 6 year old Suzanne Degnan out of her home while her parents were asleep. He left a ransom note and a message written in lipstick. He brought her into a basement,beheaded her, cut her body in pieces and spread it around Chicago for recognition. He confessed in 2002 on a website known as,, when he was asked? What drew the author to the case 2

Suzanne DeganaSuzanne Degnan Ransom Note 46Edwards 1946 Lipstick MessageBasement Chute

He setup 17 year old William Heirens who served 66 years..He wrote about luring Suzanne Degnan in his book as a puzzle…

At age 13 in LosAngeles, Edwards kidnapped and killed 22 year old Elizabeth Short in 1947, and laid her out in a public park, cut in half with her breast removed and vagina excised. Edwards got himself pictured with the victim before killing her and wrote about it in his book.

black-dahlia-murder-elizabeth-shortEdwards and Elizabeth Short Photo Booth 1947When I was Thirteen

Edwards confessed to the 1947 killing of Elizabeth Short by creating a website devoted to the “Solution” in 2002.

Black Dahlia Solution Confession

Ed Edwards 1947William_Heirens 1946Ed Edwards on Black Dahlia Solution with William Hierens Nose Photo Shopped In

        Ed Edwards 1947                  William Hierens 1947       Ed Edwards on

Edwards had altered the nose on the picture of himself on to be similar to William Hierens nose.

At age 44 in Fort Collins, Colorado in 1987, Edwards replicated the killing of Elizabeth short 40 years earlier, by kidnapping and killing 37 year old Peggy Hettrick, laying her out in a public lot with her breast and vagina excised. He set-up an innocent 15 year old named Timothy Masters, killing the victim on the anniversary of Timothy Masters own mother’s death. Edwards is a ritualistic killer.

Peggy HettrickPeggy Hettrick 2 in fieldAutopsy Peggy Hettrick

Edwards replicated the 1946 murder of Suzanne Degnan in Colorado, Christmas of 1996, 50 years later  with the kidnapping, ransom note, and threatened beheading of JonBenet Ramsey in her basement. He setup John and Patsy Ramsey and got them indicted.


Edwards wrote about Denver, Colorado in his book and had killed a 17 year old pregnant women in 1955 named Verna in Colorado.

Denver and Verna

Edwards sent a Zodiac Killer letter in 1981 telling the world he was killing children…

March 1981 Zodiac Killer Letter

March 1981 Zodiac Killer Letter

The signature on the JonBenet ransom note, “Victory! S.B.T.C”   meant  Signed By The Cross, The Zodiac Cross and Circle.

ZodiacVictory SBTC

The note stated: “The Two Gentlemen Watching Over Your Daughter”

The two GentlemenEds Book

Both are pictured on the cover of Edwards’ book, the killer on the top left and the Dr. with the Attache’ on the lower right.

Edwards used the word ‘Attache’ in the ransom note..

Attache 2


The below picture of Edward Wayne Edwards was released June of 1996 in  Paradise Lost The Robinhood Hills Murders. 6 months after the release of the film, Edwards posed as Santa Clause and groomed his way into JonBenet Ramsey  killing her in her own home, and setting up her parents like he did to the West Memphis Three in Paradise Lost.

Edward Edwards 1993 Christmas Scene, Paradise Lost, HBO

Listen to the O’Reilly Factor and Geraldo Rivera convict John and Patsy Ramsey 2013.

Edwards had portrayed himself as Santa Clause to gain JonBenet’s trust. Watch Edwards in Paradise Lost, 1996 HBO.

Edwards, a ritualistic killer from 1945 at age 12,  until 2009 at age 76, killed repeatedly, decade after decade on Birthday’s, Christmas, Easter, Solstice, Full Moons, New Years, July 4th, October 12  (Allister Crowley’s Birthday), Columbus Day, Halloween, April 1st, June 14th and August  in every decade…He killed JonBenet posed as Santa Clause…Seeking his REVENGE when innocent people were destroyed.

Escape and Seek revenge

Escape and Seek revenge

Edwards’ MO was to kill and steer the evidence towards the innocent…Parent’s, husbands, boyfriends, wife cheaters, sinners, etc…Using the MEDIA to create hysteria, Edwards manipulated the  justice system for decades to come.

If the PRESS and PUBLIC destroyed an innocent person for one of HIS murders, Edwards would return and kill again.

In Colorado, he did it since 1954, and he did it after John and Patsy Ramsey were indicted

1999, October 1. Boulder, Colorado. John and Patsy Ramsey are indicted by a Grand Jury (Grand Jury released Oct.1, 1999) for killing their 6 year old daughter, JonBenet. Edwards plans a revenge killing. He will target a christian family, and their 3 year old and 6 year old children.

John and Patsy RamseyPatsy Ramsey Indictment 2John Ramsey Indictment 2

October 2nd, 1999, Larimer County, Colorado. The day after the Ramseys were indicted Edwards kidnapped, beheaded and denied the remains of 3 year old Jaryd Atadero to his grieving family. He had hoped to kidnap his 6 year old sister…

Jaryd AttaderoSmall Child Killing

 Edwards had hoped to set-up Allyn Atadero, Jaryd’s father, for the same crime John and Patsy Ramsey  were indicted for. “Recklessly” causing his son’s death. Allyn had allowed Jaryd to go hiking with his 6 year old sister with an unknown group of “Christian Singles.” The intended victim was the 6 year old sister…Edwards got the 3 year old brother after he got ahead of the group. The “Christian Singles Group” was part of Edwards’ ruse that gained him access.

Allyn Atadero holding his son's shoe found June 14th, 2003. 4 years after Edwards killed him. The date Jaryd's remains were found was Edwards' 70th Birthday

Allyn Atadero holding his son’s shoe found June 14th, 2003. 4 years after Edwards killed him. The date Jaryd’s remains were found was Edwards’ 70th Birthday


Edwards would return to Colorado throughout his life and killed in Larimer County over and over.

From age 13 up until age 76 Edwards killed pregnant women, small children, couples on lovers lanes, kids sleeping in their own homes, entire families…and more. Many were carried out in luggage and he wrote about it in his book…

LuggagePregnant females

Edwards age 13 Los AngelesEdwards age 21ed 63 years old1331655141286Edward Wayne Edwards 2011 March

Age  13                    Age 21                Age 60                        Age 63 ( 1996 fake beard)                    Age 77

 Edwards speaking on Google Blogs:

“People are mirrors, I reflect back at society the sum total of what society reflected at me from my birth up until age 13. Nobody respected me, and now I respect noone, on an emotional level.” (Ed Edwards March 5th, 1997, Google Blogs)

Edwards perfected killing by age 13 in 1946 and killed  until his death, April 7th 2011…

Edwards, at age 63 posted “The Undetectable Serial Killer Theory” on Google. He posted it 13 days after he had kidnapped and killed JonBenet Ramsey.

01/08/1997, blogger jen1orbit (Edward Edwards=13 letters)

“I believe that beginning in the 1960’s or 1970’s, a new type of
serial killer began to operate. I call him the Undetectable Serial Killer.
This is a serial killer so brilliant, so organized, so in control of
himself and his emotions, so determined to avoid capture, and so lacking
in any desire for notoriety or publicity, that he or she is or was able to
commit at least 50 individual killings, and perhaps as many as 500
killings. And to do each one of them with such skill, with such a widely
varying modus operandi, that police and FBI have never been able to any
two of the 50-500 killings together. Much less any more than 2. Thus he or
she is truly an “undetectable” serial killer. Nobody knows that the 50-500
victims were killed by the same person. In fact, ALL 50-500 killings stand
alone as solo unsolved homicides.
        Once any law enforcement authority is able to link 2 or more
killings to the same killer, the knowledge that the 2 crimes are the work
of a single killer destroys the killer’s standing as an “undetectable”
serial killer. And so someone like Seattle’s Green River Killer, while
great at avoiding capture and still garnering notoriety, is nowhere near
the genius level at which the Undetectable Serial Killer operates.” (Ed Edwards January 8, 1997 Google Blog The Undetectable Serial Killer Theory)

Edwards claimed 500 kills. He was free for 13 more years to kill…and he did. He stated above:

Once any law enforcement authority is able to link 2 or more killings to the same killer, the knowledge that the 2 crimes are the work of a single killer destroys the killer’s standing as an “undetectable”serial killer.

The 1946 Suzanne Degnan murder in Chicago, IL.Suzanne Degana

The 1996 JonBenet Ramsey Murder in Boulder, CO.JonBenet

The 1955  Triple Murder of three teens, Chicago, IL. Chicago Victims

The 1993 West Memphis, AK murder of three boys.West Memphis Victims

 The 1947 Elizabeth Short Murder in LosAngeles, CA.elizabeth-short-black-dahlia

The 1987 Peggy Hettrick Murder in Fort Collins, CO.Peggy Hettrick

The 1956  Lover’s Lane murder in Great Falls, MT.January 2 1956 Lovers Lane Murder Great Falls

 The 1960 Lover’s Lane Murder Portland, OR.Portland Lovers Lane Murder

 The 1977 ,Lover’s Lane murder, Norton, OH.Billy Lavacco 3Judith Straub 1977

 The 1980  Lovers Lane murder,Jefferson, WI.Hack and Drew 2



Out of the 18 murders listed above-11 innocent people were either indicted or arrested and convicted.


Zodiac Guess SFPD 0

There are over 121 murders committed by Edward Wayne Edwards provided on this Timeline . He claimed 500 kills in 1996. He was free to kill until 2009…

Edwards set people up for HIS murders starting in 1945 and never stopping until caught in 2009

West Memphis Three in 1993         Sam Sheppard in 1954          Burton Abbott Executed 1957

West Memphis arrestSam ShepardI was framed Burton Abbott

Micahel Skakel 1Father Robinson1Stobert Holt Convicted May 2012Edgar Patino

      Michael Skakel 1975            Father Robinson 1980         Stobert Holt 2010         Edgar Patino 2008

John A Cameron on Coast to Coast Radio AM, May 31st 2014

John A Cameron’s Book: “It’s Me! Edward Wayne Edwards, The Serial Killer You NEVER Heard Of” Buy The Amazon Kindle Version Here


Book Cover 1111