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Who is serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards

Eds Family

Pictured with his family in 1972, he wasn’t caught for his first murder until July 30th, 2009 when he was 76-years old.

Edward Wayne Edwards 2011 March


In June of 2010, Edwards confessed to five murders- To the press first -and then the courts

1) Insuring, killing and beheading 22 year old Dannie Law Gloekner in Ohio in 1996. Edwards collected 250,000 dollars in life insurance in 1997 for this killing.

2) Shooting Judith Straub and Billy Lavacco, a young couple parked on a lovers lane, August, 8th 1977 in a park in Norton, Ohio.

Judith StraubBilly Lavacco 3

Judith Straub Billy LaVacco

3) Kidnapping, torturing, tying up and stabbing Timothy Hack and Kelly Drew, a young couple parked in their car in 1980 in Wisconsin. Edwards 2009 Criminal Complaint

Timothy Hack and Kelly Drew

Timothy Hack and Kelly Drew

Edwards pled guilty in March, 2011 to 5 murders. He demanded to be executed by lethal injection. He was scheduled to die August 31st, 2011 but died of natural causes in an Ohio prison, April 7th.


Before being identified as a serial killer in 2010, it was discovered that Edwards wrote and published his own autobiography in 1972 claiming to be a reformed criminal.
Free PDF of Edwards Book “Metamorphosis of a Criminal” Here
Edwards praising police in his book cover2




Edwards M.O. throughout his life was to create a horrific murder, frame somebody else and then stand in front of everyone claiming to be reformed. In 1970 he produced this religious motivational album.


With the help of his new wife, Kay Edwards in 1968, and an Editor from the Akron Beacon Journal, Edwards published his book at age 39 after his release from Leavenworth Prison for Bank Robbery. Nobody knew he had been killing and framing people since 1946.

Ed and Kay typeEd and Kay 1968

Kay and Ed 1968

Edwards MO throughout life was to marry a women, impregnate her, and travel the country killing, robbing, burglarizing, using them as his alibi when confronted.

Edwards, trained in the Marines in 1950 at age 17 and went AWOL 3 months later.

edward wayne edwards marines platoon 57edward wayne edwards marine

After going AWOL in 1950, Edwards traveled and killed until 2009.

Edwards was a writer his entire life, and his autobiography, Metamorphosis of a Criminal, was a published taunt to the police, press and courts, to “Catch Me if you Can”

In 2010 retired cold case detective John A Cameron, owner of Cold Case Cameron LLC in Great Falls, MT, confronted Ed Edwards, befriended him and unraveled the worst serial killer in modern times.

John A CameronJohn A Cameron

The Timeline of his life that follows, documents the hundreds of murders and dozens of set-ups of innocent people he created over a 66 year killing spree. My book has a detailed account of Ed Edwards M.O.

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