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Who is  serial killer EDWARD WAYNE EDWARDS?

Eds Family

Pictured with his family in 1972, he wasn’t caught for his first murder until July 30th, 2009 when he was 76-years old. He had been killing for 66 years… UNDETECTED

In June of 2010, he confessed to five murders TO THE PRESS first and then the courts:

1) Insuring, killing and beheading 22 year old Dannie Law Gloekner in Ohio in 1996.Edward Wayne Edwards June 17 2010 First Press AdmissionDanny Gleokner2) Shooting Judith Straub and Billy Lavacco, a young couple parked on a lovers lane in Ohio in 1977.Edwards Confesses to the Press on 1977 Lovers Lane Killing

Judith Straub 1977Billy Lavacco 3

3) Kidnapping, torturing, tying up and stabbing Timothy Hack and Kelly Drew, a young couple parked in their car in 1980 in Wisconsin. Edwards 2009 Criminal Complaint

Hack and Drew 2

Edwards demanded to be executed, March 2011 by lethal injection, and was scheduled to be put to death August 31st, 2011 in Ohio Edward Wayne Edwards 2011 MarchBefore being identified as a serial killer in 2010, Edwards wrote  and published his own autobiography in 1972. At the age of 39 he claimed in the book to be a former criminal but now, a successful writer and  family man

 cover 1cover2Edwards Book Inscriptions

Metamorphosis of a Criminal

After publishing the book, he traveled the country for four more decades with a wife and 5 children, handing the book out to libraries, the media and law enforcement everywhere…Claiming to be a reformed criminal at the age of 39…





With the help of his new wife, Kay Edwards in 1968, Edwards published his book after his release from Leavenworth Prison for Bank Robbery. He had been arrested most of his adult life up until 1968 for, robbery, burglary, kidnapping, impersonating an officer and was suspected in 1960 of a lovers lane killing in Portland, Oregon

Ed and Kay type

From 1968 until 2009, Edwards was married to Kay, had 5 children, 11 grandchildren and forced his family to move constantly while he killed.

In June of 2010 at the age of 77  Edwards  got identified as a killer for the first time in his life.  He had been killing for decades. His daughter April Edwards, age 40 called police in 2009 after recalling her father taking her and her brothers when they were very young to the scene of a double murder.April Edwards provided John A Cameron a rough Timeline of her life as she could recall it.

April Edwards Life TimelineApril Edwards Life Timeline 3April Edwards Life Timline 4

Retired Cold Case Detective John A Cameron of Great Falls, Montana befriended Edward Wayne Edwards in 2010. The 4 year investigation proved that Edwards had started killing at age 11 in 1945 and never stopped until his capture in 2010. Edwards’ book was a serial killers puzzle of murder against society. The book contained all of the “Murders of Recognition” he committed between 1945 and 1968 (age 12 to 34) placed in his autobiography as a puzzle.

The book detailed the ruse he used his entire life. He portrayed himself as a married family man with a pregnant wife, forcing his wives (3 over a 56 year period 1955-2011) to partake in parts of his crimes. He had the credentials to prove he was-a Dr. of psychiatry, a preacher and a detective.  The book detailed the ruse: “We portrayed ourselves as Dr. Joyce and Jerry Love…”

Edwards Hatred for Psychiatrists

Edwards’ book,  Metamorphosis Of A Criminal, was the “Metamorphosis” of the worst serial killer ever, thrown in the face of society as a puzzle, a taunt, the ultimate serial killer game. Keeping track of his counts, Edwards Traveled and killed for 6 decades, in the 40′s, 50′s, 60′s, 70′s, 80′s, 90′s, 2000′s, claiming to be a soldier for Jesus Christ. Gaining access to his victims using his ruse of the most trusting careers-preacher-cop-doctor-and killing men, women and children everywhere…every State and beyond, and standing in front of everyone…

Retreat Edwards 1977sunday2


The book was not the metamorphosis of a reformed criminal. It was the metamorphosis of the worst serial killer in modern times….And you have never heard of him

Tackle the World MOAC


The book was a true account of Edward Wayne Edwards’ life of crime up until 1968 when he was 35 years old. Like the Zodiac killer said in 1969. “All that I have killed will become my slaves” Edwards detailed the same thoughts in HIS book:

slaves next life

Edwards was the real Zodiac Killer that killed couples on lover’s lanes in San Francisco, 1968-70, and he wrote about some of it in his book!

Recognition 2

Edwards promoted his book on October 17th, 1972 on the national game show “To Tell The Truth”. What nobody knew was that the REAL Zodiac killer, not the myth,  was standing in front of the nation…

Edward Wayne Edwards on To Tell The Truth, October 17th 1972

To tell the truth - Copy

The show talked about Edwards being a suspect in a double murder and his book placed himself at the scene on the day of discovery:

Edwards at the scene of a Lover's Lane Murder 1960

Edward Wayne Edwards, The Real Zodiac Killer, had been killing couples on Lover’s Lanes since 1956 In Great Falls, Montana, and writing and talking about his exploits in books, albums, movies, papers, radio, etc…for decades!

Born Charles Edward Meyers in Cleveland, Ohio in the back seat of a car in 1933. Edwards had his name changed at age 5 to Ed Edwards after his mother was shot in front of him in 1938.  A second mother died in 1939, and he was sent to Parmadale Catholic Orphanage in Cleveland, Ohio. Beaten by nuns and raped by the older boys and priests, Edwards escaped at age 11 and portrayed Satan the rest of his life, setting out to become the best killer ever. He succeeded…


Killing 6-8 year old boys and girls is something he would do the rest of his life. Feeding his need for recognition, Edwards gained access to Hollywood movie producers. In 1993 Edwards conned his way into the HBO documentary, Paradise Lost, The Robin Hood Hills Murders, and got himself filmed in his own murder mystery. Appearing in the documentary of the brutal kidnapping, beating and torture of three 8 year old boys in West Memphis, Arkansas, May 5th, 1993. Edwards appears standing over the grave of his own victims while the parents wept…


       In July of 1993 after killing the three 8 year old boys in West Memphis, Arkansas,Edwards contacted the FBI by phone and letter, supplying them everything needed to identify him. The letter was recovered by John A Cameron from April Edwards in 2010. Edwards was taunting the FBI as he had done his entire life.

Edwards 1993 Letter 1Edwards 1993 letter 2Edwards 1993 Letter 3

   Beginning at age 12 in 1946,  Edward Wayne Edwards started creating ” Crimes of Recognition.”  What he meant was “Crimes that shock the conscience.” Murders so horrific they would gain notoriety for decades, and the MEDIA and PUBLIC would eat it up. He would then publish books, albums, movies and websites bragging about his exploits while standing in front of everyone.The Zodiac Killer murdered for 66 years before caught…

Zodiac Wanted PosterEd 1970

At age 12, beginning in Chicago in 1946, Edwards kidnapped and killed 6 year old Suzanne Degnan while her parents were asleep. He left a ransom note and a message written in lipstick…

Suzanne DeganaSuzanne Degnan Ransom Note 46Edwards 1946 Lipstick Message

Edwards replicated the 1946 murder of Suzanne Degnan in Colorado, Christmas of 1996, 50 years later  with the kidnapping, ransom note and killing of JonBenet Ramsey.


In a 50 year period from 1946 at age 12,  until 1996 at age 63, Edward Wayne Edwards killed 500 people.  He was free to kill 13 more years before he was caught in 2009 at the age of 76…

Edwards age 13 Los AngelesEdwards age 21ed 63 years old1331655141286Edward Wayne Edwards 2011 March

Age  13                    Age 21                Age 60                        Age 63 ( 1996 fake beard)                    Age 77


Posing as Santa Clause in 1996, Edwards had groomed his way into the lives of John and Patsy Ramsey and practically beheaded JonBenet. He HAD beheaded 6 year old Suzanne Degnan in 1946. 13 days after killing JonBenet Ramsey in 1996, Edward Edwards (13letters) went online and announced the Zodiac count on Google

01/08/1997, blogger jen1orbit (Ed Edwards)

“I believe that beginning in the 1960′s or 1970′s, a new type of
serial killer began to operate. I call him the Undetectable Serial Killer.
This is a serial killer so brilliant, so organized, so in control of
himself and his emotions, so determined to avoid capture, and so lacking
in any desire for notoriety or publicity, that he or she is or was able to
commit at least 50 individual killings, and perhaps as many as 500
killings. And to do each one of them with such skill, with such a widely
varying modus operandi, that police and FBI have never been able to any
two of the 50-500 killings together. Much less any more than 2. Thus he or
she is truly an “undetectable” serial killer. Nobody knows that the 50-500
victims were killed by the same person. In fact, ALL 50-500 killings stand
alone as solo unsolved homicides.
        Once any law enforcement authority is able to link 2 or more
killings to the same killer, the knowledge that the 2 crimes are the work
of a single killer destroys the killer’s standing as an “undetectable”
serial killer. And so someone like Seattle’s Green River Killer, while
great at avoiding capture and still garnering notoriety, is nowhere near
the genius level at which the Undetectable Serial Killer operates.” (Ed Edwards January 8, 1997 Google Blog The Undetectable Serial Killer Theory)

Edwards claimed 500 kills in 50 years, 13 days after killing JonBenet Ramsey in 1996. He was free for 13 more years to kill…and he did.

The Zodiac Killer Count Today, August 29th, 2014:

Zodiac:  500+         SFPD:  121


There are 121 murders committed by Edward Wayne Edwards on the Timeline provided on this website. Edwards sent Counts to the press every decade since 1955. His first COUNT was sent July 16th 1955.

Count CAr

The above COUNT card was mailed just before Edwards had planted the body of  14 year Stephanie Bryan at Burton Abbott’s  cabin in Trinity County, California. Edwards led the EDITOR and reporter of the San Francisco Examiner to the body of Stephanie Bryan under assumed identity. This would be why “The Zodiac” taunted “The EDITORS” his entire life. Edwards would provide the press the details of his murders, the press would go after the innocent he had setup, and he would watch in plain sight as  the SYSTEM killed for him. Edwards called it “killing slaves in his afterlife”

Edwards MO was to set other people up for HIS murders and then taunt authorities with his IDENTITY. Edwards never knew his mother or father and his name was changed at the age of 5. He would taunt authorities with his identity the rest of his life. Like it said on the cover of his book “Now he is a Writer” Edwards wrote letters, books, movie scripts… his entire life teasing the public

In 2002 at the age of 69, Edwards published his 66 year confession to murder on the internet.  Admitting to being the killer of 6 year old Suzanne Degnan in Chicago 1946.The Killer of 22 year old Elizabeth Short (The Black Dahlia) in LosAngeles 1947, and the Killer of 6 year old JonBenet Ramsey in Boulder, Colorado 1996.  Edwards placed it all out in the public domain to be followed if an investigator had the patience and tenacity to follow his life.

Edwards 2002 confession,

Listen to John A Cameron Discuss the Case On Hagmann and Hagmann

Edwards required that in order to be caught, he must be challenged. If an investigator followed Edwards’ life as he told it in his book, and used his psychological, criminal and public records that dated back to 1938, the murders would be revealed…

And that’s what happened in Montana from 2010 until 2014. John A Cameron, retired detective and owner of Cold Case Cameron in Great Falls, Montana befriended Edwards and unraveled the worst serial killer ever…

Edward Wayne Edwards was on Federal Parole from 1967 until 1977. He killed hundreds of victims while being supervised by a parole officer out of Akron, Ohio


John A Cameron on Coast to Coast Radio AM, May 31st 2014

John A Cameron’s Book:

“It’s Me! Edward Wayne Edwards, The Serial Killer You NEVER Heard Of”

John Cameron’s book, which is a police investigation of Edward Wayne Edwards conducted from 2010 until 2013, including letters from the killer himself, documents the  66 years of murders and setups of innocent people Edwards committed in every part of the USA since 1945.

The book is now available on this website and can be shipped immediately. If you hate using internet for purchases, send 34.95, check cash or money order to John Cameron 820 5th ave. North Great Falls MT 59401 .

You can Email me at,  Thanks for looking over the Timeline on this site.


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