Killer’s Timeline

Edward Wayne Edwards Killing Timeline Begins in 1955
In an 11 month period between April 1955 and March 1956 Edward Wayne Edwards, age 21-22, staged 8 ritualistic killings in California, Illinois, Nebraska, Iowa and Montana. He documented each in his book as a puzzle.

1955, April 7th. Akron, Ohio. Edwards, age 22 escapes from an Ohio court room after being arrested for burglary, and larceny March 10th, 1955. He is listed as one of the most dangerous characters in 1955.

Edwards age 21Edwards Escapes April 7 1955Edwards arrest March 1955 Akron Ohio

1955, April 28th. Berkeley California. Edwards flees to California and assumes the name James Garfield Langley. He lies in the book saying he met her in Florida. He is portraying himself as a Dr. of Psychiatry. He kidnaps 14 year old Stephanie Bryan, a doctors daughter. Stephanie is carrying a student nursing book when she is abducted. Edwards writes about her in his book calling her Laura.

Stephanie Bryan 1955edward wayne edwards book stephanie bryan murder

Edwards kidnaps Stephanie Bryan on her fathers Birthday. He had lured her with the ruse of supplying her a birthday cake for her father. Stephanie had 10 dollars from her piggy bank to purchase her father a birthday cake when she met a man near the University of California. Edwards wrote about 10 dollars and a Birthday Cake in his book.

Birthday Cake and 10 dollars

Cake and Revenge

1955, May 1. Berkeley California. Edwards sends a ransom note to the Bryan family. The note has similar syntax as the 1996 JonBenet Ramsey Ransom note he wrote 41 years later.

Stephanie Bryan ransom noteRansom Note Revealed 1955

1955, May 5th. Berkeley California. Edwards sends another ransom note to the Bryan family.

Stephanie Bryan May 5 1955 Ransom Note

1955, June 17th. Sioux City Iowa: The Murder of Jimmy Bremmers and Wrongful Conviction of Ernest Triplett. Ernest Triplett is convicted and sent to prison in Iowa for the Aug 31, 1954 kidnapping and beheading of Jimmy Bremmer’s that Edwards had committed.

Ernest Triplett 1954

Ernest Triplett 1954

1955, July 7th. Sioux City, Iowa: Ernest Triplett enters Iowa State Prison, Three Days Later, Edwards kidnaps 22 month old Donna Sue Davis in Sioux City as revenge.

1955, July 10th, SUNDAY. Sioux City Iowa. Edwards kidnaps Donna Sue Davis from her crib while her parents were in the home.

DOnna Sue DavisDonna Sue Davis Bed

Donna Sue Davis Cold Case

1955, July 11th, Monday. Across the river in Nebraska, Donna Sue Davis’ body is found in a cornfield. Her hands are raised above her head, her dress wrapped around her neck, and her head bashed in. She is laid out and killed similarly like JonBenet Ramsey was in 1996.

1955, July 15th. Berkeley, California. Edwards leaves Iowa and returns to California where he plants Stephanie Bryans purse in the basement of a man named Burton Abbott.

I was framed Burton AbbottStephanie Bryan Purse Found July 15 1955

1955, July 16th. Trinity County California. Edwards injects himself into the investigation under assumed name, and leads San Francisco Examiner Reporter Ed Montgomery, and Photographer Bob Bryant, to Stephanie Bryan’s body buried behind Burton Abbotts Cabin. Edwards used the assumed name Leroy MYERS, claiming to be an auto salesman. (Edwards birth name Charles Edward Myers) The cabin is known as “Dead Mans Cabin” for a previous murder that had happened there in 1947.

stephanie bryan abbot cabin

1955, July 21st. Berkeley California. Burton Abbott arrested and police reveal there had been a ransom note. Burton Abbott and Ed Edwards were of similar age, height weight and looks. They both had a similar car, a 1949-50 Chevy and Edwards picked Abbott to setup because of this. Edwards wrote about getting rid of his car in Minneapolis after committing the murder.

Burton Abbott, 1955 Executed March 1957Edwards 1956 - Copy

Metamorphosis of a Criminal

Metamorphosis of a Criminal

1955, November. FBI PRESS RELEASE: J Edgar Hoover, FBI Director, praises San Francisco Examiner Reporter Ed Montgomery and photographer Bob Bryant For Finding Stephanie Bryan’s Body. Edwards had actually led them to it to setup Burton Abbott

True Detective Magazine November 1955

True Detective Magazine November 1955

1955, October 14th, Idaho Falls, Idaho: MURDER, Edwards kills his 17 year old pregnant girlfriend named Verna Doe. Edwards book explains getting rid of her in Denver after kidnapping Jeanette White in Idaho. Jeanette White, when interviewed in 2011 had met Verna just before Edwards killed her.

Denver and Vernaverna-doe-idaho-falls-murder

1955, October 16-17, Chicago, Illinois: MURDER, Three teens in Robinson Woods Park. 13 year old Robert Peterson, 13 year old Jon Schuessler and 11-year-old Anton Schuessler laid out naked in the Sign of The Cross, Big Dipper carved in leg.

Schuessler murderSchuesller Peterson Murder Site

1955, October 20th. Idaho Falls, Idaho: THREE DAYS after crucifying THREE TEENS Edwards kidnaps and forces Jeanette White to marry using the assumed name James Garfield Langley.(Three Days after crucifying three teens in Chicago). Edwards makes religous references in his book regarding, “On The Third Day.”

James Langley and Jeneatte White Wedding Certificate

1955, October 21, Grinnell, Iowa: Edwards arrives in Grinnell, Iowa on his way to Chicago. He enters the home of Waldo E Johnson, the Chief of Police of Grinnell. He beats his wife and lites his 7 year old child on fire. Edwards had written about a Sergeant Waldo in his book who confronted him about kidnapping women.

Iowa 1955 Sergeant WaldoWaldo 2

1955, October 22, Chicago, Illinois: Edwards arrives in Chicago with his new wife Jeanette White, to attend the funeral of the three boys he had beaten in Robinson Woods Park. The parents are weeping in the foreground. Edwards wrote about using funerals as a ruse in his book.

Edwards October 22 1955 Schuessler Peterson FuneralEdwards and Funerals

1955, December 10, Omaha, Nebraska: MURDER Carolyn Nevins, age 19. SHOT WITH 32.20 POLICE SPECIAL.

CArolyn Nevins

1956, January 2-3rd, Great Falls, Montana: MURDER, Kidnap 16-year-old Patty Kalitske and 18-year-old Air Force member Duane Bogle are executed on their knee’s on a lover’s lane on the banks of the Sun River. Edwards book described people begging for their lives in 1956 at his hand’s from his .32.

Patty and Duane

1956, February 7. San Francisco California. Edwards travels to San Francisco with his wife Jeanette and mails the judge Snook Letter. He returns to Great Falls, robs and burglarizes for two weeks and then flees to Billings Montana, March 5th, 1956.

Snook 1Snook 2

1956, March Indianapolis, Indiana. Charlie Manson arrested for Parole violations. Edwards and Manson had been paroled the same year, 1953 and were friends.

1956, March 8th Billings, Montana. Edwards arrested for robbery in Billings. He is under the assumed name James Garfield Langley and traveling with Jeanette White who is also under assumed name. He admits robberies in San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento and Great Falls, Montana.

March 9 1956 Billings Gazzette Edwards Admits Robberies in Oakland Sacremento RenoMarch 9 escapeBillings Gazzette March 9 1956 Edwards Robberies in California


Edwards killed 8 people from his escape, April 7th, 1955 until his capture in Montana, March 7th 1956.

Edwards arrest March 1955 Akron Ohio

Edwards arrest in Billings March 7th 1956

Edwards setup 3 people for the murders, and one was executed. Edwards became the judge jury and executioner in 1955 and never stopped killing until 2010.

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