Edward Wayne Edwards Killing Timeline 2000-2015

Edwards 1993-94

January 2, 2000. Boulder Colorado. Three year old Jaryd Attadero, kidnapped October 2, 1999 from 99 miles northwest of Boulder, Colorado, would be 4 years years old January 2, 2000. Jaryd was born in 1996, the same year Edwards kidnaps JonBenet Ramsey. Edwards withheld Jaryd’s body until his 70th Birthday, June 14, 2003.

Jaryd Attadero

Jaryd Attadero

2001, February Greenwich Connecticut Michael Skakal a KENNEDY cousin is arrested for the Halloween murder of Martha Moxley in 1975. Edwards had committed the crime after targeting a Kennedy relative. Edwards will kill on HALLOWEEN in 2001 like he did in 1975.

Martha MoxleyMichael Skakel

Martha Moxley Michael Skakel

2001, May 1, Washington, DC. Forty five years after grooming and killing Elizabeth Short from Hollywood, Edwards targets Chandra Levy, a 24 year old Modesto, California resident. She was working in Washington DC at the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Edwards attempts to set-up Congressman Gary Condit who was having an affair with her.

Chandra 1Chandra ConditElizabeth Short 1947

Chandra Levy Elizabeth Short the Black Dahlia

2001, May 7th. Modesto, California. Chandra Levy’s parents report her missing. An affair with congressman Gary Condit creates a media hysteria just before the execution of Timothy McVeigh. From May to September Edwards’ murders are all over the papers.

2001, June 11. Terry Haute, Indiana. Timothy McVeigh is executed at 7:14 AM. Chandra Levy an Intern for the Federal Bureau of Prisons was in charge of press release information regarding Timothy McVeigh’s execution. Edwards killed her because of this. McVeigh was known as the most prolific killer in 2001 and Edwards had killed many more then McVeigh ever had.

Timothy McVeigh 1Oklahoma City Bombing

Through the Summer of 2001 Chandra Levy case was the number one story to follow.

Chandra ConditChandra Levy Missing

2008, September 8th. Washington DC. Illegal Immigrant Ingmar Quandique becomes a suspect in the Chandra Levy murder. Ingmar Guandique Questioned

2001, September 11th. New York City. Terrorists strike the twin towers, pentagon and Pennsylvania, removing Chandra Levy from the spotlight. Edwards creates panic 7 days later.

Twin Towers 9-11







2001, September 18, New Jersey, Florida, Washington DC. Edwards mails Anthrax Letters to congress and the press killing 5 and making the nation think that Islamic Terrorists are within.

Anthrax Envelope Ton DaschleAnthrax letter LeahyAnthrax letters BrokawAnthrax letterAnthrax letter Sentro Leahy

2001-Spring 2002. Washington DC. The Anthrax case allowed Edwards to remain in the spotlight in the media until he decided where to plant Chandra’s body. Edwards listed the return address as a 4th grade school. It was the 4th grade when Edwards was destroyed, raped and beaten in Parmadale Catholic Orphanage, age 8-9.


2001, October 31 Halloween, November 1, Catholic All Saints Day, Columbia, Missouri. Edwards kills Editor Kent Heitholt, Columbia Missouri Tribune. Edwards (The Zodiac) killed the Editor of a major newspaper in the parking lot at 2:15 am. Beating him to death on Halloween night. Two innocent men went to prison in 2004, Ryan Ferguson and Charles Erickson

Kent HeitholtRyan Ferguson Charles Erickson

Victim Kent Heitholt killed on Halloween Night and Ryan Ferguson, Charles Erickson

Zodiacs (Edwards) Halloween Card

Zodiacs (Edwards) Halloween Card

The Halloween card contained 13 eyeballs WATCHING. 13 for the name Edward Edwards. It also contained the number 4-TEEN. This was also a clue to look back 13 years from the date it was sent, 1970, and you will find that Burton Abbott was executed in California for killing 14 (4-TEEN) year old Stephanie Bryan in Berkeley.

2001, November 2nd. Edwards blogs the day after the murder of Kent Heitholt about a confrontation he had with a newspaper employee. Edwards uses the name SYLVIE and ties the rant to the Zodiac Killer and the Riverside press article on Cheri Joe Bates, a supposed Zodiac victim:

November 2, 2001. User name SYLVIE

My neighbor is a decades long employee for the Press-Enterprise. Usually a very nice guy, he became very defensive and assertively protective of his Paper when I politely questioned him on his Paper’s choice not to do a story on CJB,(CJB=ZODIAC KILLER VICTIM CHERI JOE BATES) this being the 35th anniversary of her death. He admitted that the PE is now owned by a Nat’l group BUT he says ALL the reporters are local who care dearly about their community. He went on to tell me that (as Tom suggested) the PE (PRESS ENTERPRISE) would NEVER wish to cater to the RPD(RIVERSIDE POLICE DEPT) – AU CONTRAIRE – as they were the ones to keep up relentless heat on the officers that shot unarmed Tyisha Miller, and that their continual unfavorable stories on the RPD were the reason the officers lost their jobs and the Miller family recieved 5 million. He claims the RPD constantly harrased PE employees at that time.
He believes in his opinion that they did not do the story so as not to be redundant, that the multi-part piece done last year, had since yielded nothing new, thus no reason to rehash. I respectfully disagreed with him there, even a short refresher article would, INMO, have been in order.
Then he turned it around on me – “Why do you critics expect everyone to do it for you, take matters into your own hands”, blah, blah, blah.
Finally he said “why doesn’t everyone give us a break, we are a huge contributor to charities”!!

2001, June 16th. Edwards blogs on Zodiackiller.com about planting fingerprints and taking fingers using the name blog name Zoe: (Zodiac Ed)

“User name ZOE GLASS: 6-16-2001: What interesting post , I was expecting a rehash of the obvious. Scott as gruesome as it sounds sure zodiac could have left some false prints behind and he would not have need to bring a whole hand, fingers would travel lighter.

2002, May. USA. Edwards released his website Blackdahliasolution.org The website was his confession to starting his killings in 1946, with the killing of Suzanne Degnan in 1947, and the killing of Elizabeth Short, The Black Dahlia in 1947. Edwards placed a picture of himself with Elizabeth Short just before he killed her on the site. He also put a silhouette picture of himself on the site.

Edwards and Elizabeth Short Photo Booth 1947Edwards silohuetteEdwards Silohuete 1

Edwards admits on the Frequently asked questions Black Dahlia Solution site, that he was 13 years old and in LosAngeles at the time of the murder. A blogger asks him What drew the author to the case

2002, May 22, Washington, DC. The Oprah Winfrey Show airs the interview of Chandra Levy’s’ parents, begging for the safe return of their daughter who has been missing more then a year. During the showing, Edwards plants Chandra’s skull and body to be found in Rock Creek Park and some of her fingers are missing just as he had blogged about doing so earlier.

Chandra Levy Missingchandra parents

2002, May 23, Washington Post Staff Writers Thursday: Chandra’s remains are planted.”The skeletal remains of Chandra Ann Levy were found scattered on a steep, forested slope in Rock Creek Park yesterday, more than a year after her disappearance touched off an investigation that captivated the nation and ended the career of Rep. Gary A. Condit of California.” Chandra Levys Remains Found May 22, 2002 In An Area Police Had Already Searched On June 6, after the police completed their search, private investigators hired by the Levys found her shin bone with some twisted wire about 25 yards (23 m) from the other remains. Police chief Ramsey said, “It is unacceptable that these items were not located.”

2002, July 4th. Vallejo, California. Tom Voigt owner of zodiackiller.com hosts a zodiac killer conference to see if the real zodiac killer would show up. Edwards, The real Zodiac Killer was 69 years old in 2002, 230 pounds, greyish hair and had traveled to California in 2002 with his wife Kay. Who is sitting on the bench next to “The Ex Charles Manson member “Larry Melton AKA: White Rabbit”, wearing a ball cap and carrying a camera?

July 4 2002 Zodiackiller.com conference Vallejo CaliforniaCharles Manson Member White RabbitEd 5

Charles Manson Member “Larry Melton AKA White Rabbit” and Unknown 60+ Heavy Set Male appear at 1:48 in this video. Edwards, using the name “Anonymous” tried to lead bloggers on Zodiackiller.com to Manson member White Rabbit-Larry Melton, two years before the July 4th 2002 reunion where the pictures were taken of Larry and unidentified male sitting side by side.

By Anonymous (spider-ti013.proxy.aol.com – on Tuesday, September 26, 2000 – 04:59 pm:

Howard, all the stuff you just said was very fascinating! I’m curious…why was Davis “unfit’ for military service?

Speaking of Larry Melton, did you notice that his handwriting is eeriely similar to the Zodiac’s handwriting? With his penchant for mispelling? (To readers not aware of Melton, his handwriting can be found under the heading White Rabbit in mansonmurders.com) Nelson describes Melton as a “depressive.” Maybe Melton was coerced, manipulated or brainwashed into writing the Zodiac letters? Just speculating…

Regarding the connection to LaVey’s Church of Satan, readers should know that Susan Atkins performed in LaVey’s Satanic rituals a few times, some time before she met Manson. I think if I recall correctly, she performed as a vampire upon LaVey’s request. During the ritual she would lay down in a coffin and come up on cue. She said in her autobiography that she was on LSD one time when she performed in the ritual.

2002, June 7th and August 9th. Greenwich Connecticut. Michael Skakel a KENNEDY relative is convicted and sentenced for the Halloween 1975 killing of Martha Moxley. Edwards was the real killer and blogs how easy it is to get a conviction after 911. Edwards will taunt Zodiackiller.com on November 22, 2002 the anniversary of the Assassination of John F Kennedy to tie his murder puzzle to the wrongful conviction of Michael Skakel, a Kennedy relative.Skakel sues Nancy Grace and Turner Broadcasting for False Allegations and Wins October 31, 2014

Micahel Skakel 1Micahel Skakel 2Michael Skakal Convicted Ed Blogs How Easy it is to Convict

2002, September 9th. Massachusetts. The press announces that Bill McReynolds, the man who played Santa Clause for JonBenet Ramsey, died of a heart attack. The next day, Ed Edwards announces himself by anonymous Email to The University of Colorado, Boulder Professor Michael Tracy. Bill McReynolds was also a journalism professor at U of C Boulder.

Bill McReynolds and Wife

Boulder Police question Bill McReynolds in February 1997 after suspicions that “Santa Claus” had killed JonBenet Ramsey. Mrs. McReynolds, an author, had written a story similar to the killing of JonBenet Ramsey. Edwards mimicked her story to steer the evidence to Bill.

2002, September 11th. Boulder, Colorado. It is the one year anniversary of 9-11 Michael Tracy, a professor at the University of Colorado starts receiving anonymous e-mails from someone claiming to be the killer of JonBenet Ramsey. The Email is sent the day before the one year anniversary of the 9-11 Attacks. The writer calls himself “D” for DAXIS

Emails JonBenet Ramsey 2002

Michael Tracy produced 2 documentaries on the killing of JonBenet Ramsey in 1998 and 2004. The writer of the anonymous Emails called himself “D” at first, and then “DAXIS.” Edwards was Daxis and sent emails directing the evidence to John Mark Karr.

The DAXIS E-mails described how Edwards killed JonBenet Ramsey. The name DAXIS was a clue to the identity of the writer. Daxis Story to the Ramseys and Michael Tracy

It was the letter “D” that Edwards used in his Identity Cipher that had to be placed on the “Zodiac Axis” and in mirror image, in order to solve it.

Zodiac 13 Identity CipherZodiac Identity Cipher solved by placing D in mirror image on Zodiac Axis

Zodiac Identity Cipher solved by placing
D in mirror image on Zodiac Axis

The name “DAXIS EMAILS “was a clue to put the D on the Zodiac AXIS. When Neal Best solved the Zodiac Identity cipher in 2010, the “D’s” in mirror image placed on the “Zodiac Axis” was the solution. It named Edward Edwards as the Zodiac Killer. Edwards’ Zodiac Killer Identity Cipher and last 18 Symbols Solved August 2010

2002, October 3rd. Washington DC. The Beltway Sniper Attacks begin. The Beltway Sniper Attacks

2002, October 15th. San Francisco, California. Police announce they have a partial DNA profile off of a Zodiac Killer letter.4uPh!?uBEWREtA+u

2002, November 19th. Boulder, Colorado. The Rocky Mountain News reported the unknown male DNA recovered from JonBenet’s panties could have been left on the garment at the time the clothing was manufactured. “In exploring that theory, investigators obtained unopened ‘control’ samples of identical underwear manufactured in the plant in Southeast Asia, tested them and found human DNA in some of those new, unused panties.” Police now claim that the unidentified DNA found under both of JonBenet’s fingernails has been contaminated and is of limited value.Read More Here

At the end of 2002, the Boulder Police Department announced that it will no longer investigate the case, despite new leads and new information. The Boulder investigators have transferred the investigation to the district attorney’s office.

2002, November 22. Portland, Oregon. On the Anniversary of the assassination of John KENNEDY Edwards sends Tom Voigt, owner of Zodiackiller.com, a “Zodiac Killer” letter and his 8 fingerprints rolled in red substance and a packet containing white powder claiming it is DNA.

TOm Voigt Zodiac Letter

Edwards Sends 8 Fingerprints Rolled In Red Missing The Tips to Zodiackiller.com

Edwards Sends 8 Fingerprints Rolled In Red Missing The Tips to Zodiackiller.com

Tom Voigt 2002 Zodiac Killer Letter

Edwards sends a white powdery substance wrapped in a Red China Communist packet tying the Zodiac Killer to the Anthrax Killer a year earlier

Edwards had only sent Tom Voigt 8 fingers missing the tips. Why would he only send him 8 instead of 10? Edwards only has 8 tips. His right hand is missing the tips on the ring and middle finger

Edwards finger2002, November 23. Boulder, Colorado. The day after sending his fingerprints in to Zodiackiller.com, Edwards sends anonymous E-mails to Journalism Professor Michael Tracy, portraying himself as the killer of JonBenet Ramsey.

November 23 2002 Email jonBenet Ramsey

The original E-Mail sent to Michael Tracy was sent by someone using the monicker “De-cember251996” The letters DE were separated on purpose by Edwards as a clue to the identity of the sender. (In mirror image, De=eD. 1996 in mirror image= 666) Edwards played games with dates of HIS murders. He explained why he left the Ransom note.

Edwards Daxis and the Ransom Note

“Satan is the Author” is capitalized.

2002, December 17th. Edwards blogs on Zodiackiller.com challenging them to look to Montana and Deer Lodge prison for the answer


Edwards left his name separated in the words “refer(r)ed to Montana possibly even Deer lodge” Edwards gave clues to his identity as he blogged for more then a decade. He had misspelled “Christmass” above as he did in the Zodiac Killer Dear Melvin letter in 1970.


2002, December 24th. Modesto, California. Christmas Eve. Edwards kidnaps Laci Peterson and her unborn son Connor on Christmas Eve. He will plant her body on Easter week 2003 in Point Isabell Regional Shoreline Park:Laci’s father Ron explains what Christmas and Easter are like now:

Laci MissingLaci Petersons Father Ron about Christmas and Easter

Edwards will plant Laci and her baby in Albany Bulb, Albany California in 4 months. As the Zodiac Killer he sent the Albany Letter, August 1, 1973.

Zodiac Killers Albany Letter

In 2005, after Scott Peterson’s Execution was ordered, Edwards blogged about killing Laci and setting up Scott Peterson.

Tick tock is the sound from the wall as the needle moves closer to Scott's vein.
  No clock on the wall. But watch you do not fall
 Tick tock as goes the clock. Fore it is time
  to slaughter another sheep in the flock. 
 Fore you spend your time to mock. While the clock goes tick toc
 Back turns the clock. An hour more before off the dock.
 Fore the clock has ticked. Now another thee is with. Hours for now only remain. Who is next to be frame.
(Ed Edwards March 2005 Fratpack.com)

2003, January 8th. Boulder, Colorado. The Ramseys settle their defamation suit against the New York Post. Terms were not disclosed, but the Ramseys had sought $4 million in damages against the paper.

2003, January 15th. Portland, Oregon. Edwards sends Tom Voigt of Zodiackiller.com another Zodiac Killer letter on the 46 year anniversary date of Edwards’ killing of Elizabeth Short in Hollywood, January 15, 1947.

January 15 2003 edwads letter

January 15th 2003 Zodiac Killer Letter on Tom Voigt’s Site

2003, April, Boulder, Colorado. District Attorney Mary Keenan took over the Ramsey case in December, 2002 and states, “I agree with the court’s conclusion that ‘the weight of the evidence is more consistent with the theory that an intruder murdered JonBenet than it is with the theory that Mrs. Ramsey did it,’” she stated in April 2003.

2003, April, Boulder Colorado. Boulder Police Department explained that the quality of the DNA on JonBenet had not been of sufficient quality to have been put into the law enforcement data banks. However, in late December of 2003, the Ramseys’ attorney indicated that one part of the sample, taken from blood on JonBenet’s undergarments, was determined by the FBI to be of sufficient quality to be put into the DNA Index System.

The DNA will be compared with other samples from the databank to see if there is any match with DNA samples from other violent crimes or criminals.

2003, April 13th. San Francisco Bay. Edwards plants Scott Peterson’s son Conner on the shores of San Francisco Bay on Palm Sunday. He has “Clear Packaging Tape” tied around his neck, and piece of tape holding down his ear.

Conner Peterson Autopsy Tape Tied on NeckConnor Peterson Nylon Cord on Neck

Noose found around Connor Peterson’s Neck

Officer Gard Testifies at Scott Peterson trial about noose.

Scott Peterson Connor Testimony Neck tied

2003, April 14th. Edwards plants Laci Peterson’s body on Chandra Levy’s 26th birthday. Chandra Levy was born in Cleveland, Ohio, the same city as Ed Edwards. She moved to Modesto, the same city as Laci Peterson.

Laci MissingChandra Levy Missing

Chandra Levy was born April 14th, 1977 in Cleveland, Ohio and moved to Modesto. Laci Peterson was also from Modesto. Both Laci and Chandra’s remains were denied for a period of months and then planted in a park. In the JonBenet Ramsey case Edwards threatened to deny the remains and behead JonBenet. The noose around Conner Peterson was similar to the one around JonBenet Ramsey.

JonBent Ramsey Depiction of Nooseramsey.ransom.note

Scott Peterson Connor Arial View

2003, April 16th. Modesto, California. Tape is found on Laci and Conner Peterson during the autopsies. Tape was found on JonBenet. Laci is missing her head, JonBenet was threatened with beheading and Chandra Levy was beheaded. (Autopsy Testimony Laci Peterson)

Scott Peterson Laci Peterson Missing Parts

Laci Petersons Limbs Missing

2003, April 20, Modesto, California. Scott Peterson is arrested for Laci’s murder.

Scott Peterson Death Row

2003, April 22nd. Modesto, California. Scott Peterson is arraigned. Anonymous letter are sent to the judge claiming Scott is innocent.

2003, May 2nd. Modesto, California. Marc Gregaros becomes Scott Peterson’s attorney.

Marc Gregaros Scott Peterson

2003, May 4th. Modesto, California. Ed Edwards sends a letter to the Modesto Bee claiming responsibility for the killing of Laci Peterson and set-up of Scott.

Ed Edwards Letter Scott Peterson Case 5-4-2003

Ed Edwards letter Scott Peterson 5-4-03 part 2

2 Edwards Letters Sent regarding Scott Peterson Case to Garth Stapley Modesto Bee 2003

After Scott Peterson’s arrest, Judge Delucchi started receiving anonymous letters and packages containing evidence of the real killer. The Judge sealed the letters but Edwards forwarded a copy of one letter to a blogger. Edwards used the name “Citizen Q” and contacted a blogger named Marlene Newell. Marlene was the name of Edwards’ 2nd wife 1959-60. Read here: Scott Peterson Edward Edward Letters and Evidence to judge Delucchi.

Edwards Package to Judge Delucchi

Edwards Package to Judge Delucchi2

Tarp Laci PetersonTarp Laci Peterson2

Edwards directed the evidence to look towards a satanist. The shredding of the ends of the blue tarp was symbolism. Edwards claimed that Laci and Conner were placed in this tarp. Edwards shredded the clothes of many of his victims and then planted the items later to be found. For 6 weeks in April and May of 2004, Edward Wayne Edwards started taunting Marlene Newell on her blog site devoted to Scott Peterson. He used the name “Citizen Q. Edwards described to Marlene Newell how he got into the house.

Edwards blogging how Laci Peterson Let Him In

Laci Peterson did have caffeine in her system at autopsy, matching what Edwards had said above. Edwards said the blue shredded tarp was used to wrap Laci and Conner in it. The shredded blue tarp was a clue to who the real killer was. Edwards shredded clothes in many of his cases. Laci was missing her left leg. In 2015 The State of California filed its response to Scott Peterson Appeal – Response

2003, June 5th, 99 miles North and West of Boulder, Colorado. The shoe, Blue pants and sweater of Jaryd Attadero are found planted on a steep slope 500 feet above the trail he was last sighted on in 1999. The pants are shredded and missing the left leg just as Laci Peterson was missing her left leg. The shredded blue material was scattered around the scene like the blue tarp at Laci Peterson’s scene. The shoe was in perfect condition after 3 Colorado winters at 9000 plus feet. The date is the anniversary of Edward Wayne Edwards first murder of Josephine Ross, Chicago Illinois, June 5th 1945. Edwards planted all the evidence.

Jaryd AttaderoJaryds ShoeJaryds Pants

2003, June 12th, Thursday. Boulder, Colorado. Police at first thought Jaryd Attadero was taken by a mountain lion in 1999. When his clothes were found they had been removed. An animal would not do that. Doctor Augustus went public after the find and said that if Jaryd Attadero were killed by a Mountain Lion his partial remains would be found and his clothes would not have been removed. He was quoted as saying “YOU WOULD AT LEAST FIND A TOOTH.”

2003, June 14th, 99 miles north of Boulder, Colorado. Edwards planted Jaryd’s tooth after the Doctor Augustus went public. Police are lead to Jaryd, Attadero’s TOOTH on June 14th, Ed Edwards 76th Birthday.

Tooth at Scene

Tooth at Scene

Partial Remains Of Missing Littleton Boy Found

Jaryd’s remains are found on Ed Edwards 70th Birthday

ed 63 years old

Ed Edwards 63

2003, September 11. Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Steve Avery is released from prison after serving 18 years for a rape he did not commit. After his release, Edwards targeted Avery to set-up for murder, and killed Teresa Halbach on Halloween 2005 on Avery’s Salvage Yard. Steven Avery was arrested for the murder November 11, 2005.

Missing-poster-Halbach200Steven Avery November 2005

2005, November 11th. Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Steven Avery is arrested for killing Teresa Halbach by kidnapping her and killing her by knife, rope, gun and fire. Halbach’s remains are in shattered pieces, burned and placed in Steven Avery’s back yard fire pit. Halbachs vehicle is found on the Avery Salvage yard and Avery’s blood and sweat are planted in the vehicle.

Steven Avery 2005

Steven Avery 2005

2003, November 12th. Modesto, California. Edwards sends a letter to the Modesto Bee claiming an occult responsibility for the death of Laci Peterson.Scott Peterson Letter Ed Edwards November 2003

2004, April 23. Toledo Ohio Father Gerald Robinson is arrested by Toledo Police and charged with the East Saturday, 1980 Crucifixion of Sister Margaret Pahl that EDWARDS had committed.

Father Robinson Indicted May 4 2004

2004, April 30th. San Francisco, California. Richard Gaikowski dies in San-Francisco. Tom Voigt of Zodiackiller.com accused Richard of being “The Zodiac Killer”

2004, May 7th, Berkley California. The Judge in the Scott Peterson trial started receiving anonymous letters indicating Scott was innocent and a Satanist is responsible. Scott Peterson Edward Edward Letters and Evidence to judge Delucchi Edwards Sends Anonymous Letters to the Judge in Scott Peterson Trial The letters indicate The Zodiac Killer killed Laci.

Marlene Newell Contacted by Edwards using Citizen Q

Marlene Newell Contacted by Edwards using Citizen Q

Edwards Package to Judge Delucchi

Edwards targeted Marlene Newell because of her name and she was supporting Scott Peterson. Marlene was the name of Edwards’ 2nd wife in 1960. He wrote about Marlene and killing pregnant women in his book Metamorphosis of a Criminal

Marlene GulliblePregnant females

Edwards sent a letter to Marlene Newell. The letter was sealed by Judge Dellucchi but a copy was sent to Marlene Newell by Edwards. The box Edwards sent to Judge Delucchi was wrapped in a video tape from Alameda County called “Albany Chief Operator.” Watch it here:

Edward Wayne Edwards was the “Chief Operator” in Alameda County since 1955 when he Framed Burton Abbott and got him executed in San Quentin Prison, March 17th, 1957 just like he will do to Scott Peterson in 2017, 60 years later. Edwards who died in 2011, was collecting “Slaves in his afterlife” He continues to kill with the deaths of innocent people he set-up.

I was framed Burton Abbott

Zodiac BombCitizen Zodiac Card

2004, August 5th. Redwood City California. Judge in the Scott Peterson murder trial calls for a delay based on new information that the prosecution withheld from the defense

REDWOOD CITY, California (CNN) –– A judge adjourned the Scott Peterson murder trial Thursday to allow for the testing of new evidence in the case potentially helpful to Peterson. It is scheduled to resume Tuesday.

Peterson’s attorney, Mark Geragos, asked for the delay, saying the new evidence — which was not disclosed — could potentially help Peterson’s defense and that scientific testing needed to be done.Prosecutors did not object.

Judge Delays Scott Peterson Trial August 6 2004

2004, August 10th. Redwood City California. Amber Frey Testimony Amber Frey started testifying in August of 2004.

2004, August 18. Jenner Beach Murder Lindsay Cutshall and Jason Allen, shot to death on an ocean beach while sleeping in their tent. There last picture was taken in San Francisco the day before. Both spent the summer working at a religious cam in Northern California. Lindsay’s father was a preacher in Ohio and Jason lived in Michigan. They planned on marrying. Edwards shot them point blank with a very special 1894 Marilin .45 Long Rifle. Edwards was a gun dealer at the time working out of Oklahoma

Lindsay Cutshall and Jason Allen San Francisco

2004, August 22. Edwards blogged using the name Oklahoma Mike and tied the case to him, the Zodiac killer

Cutshall Murder BlogCutshall Murder Blog 2

Edwards left drawings of Satan on driftwood at the scene


Edwards left a poem

Driftwwod InnEdwards left all the E’s in the poem prominent on purpose as a clue to his identity. He signed the letter R for Ra, the mythological ancient Egyptian Satan/Osiris/Ra “The Ruler of the Dead” “Collector of the Sinners”. Osiris carried a staff (cane) wore a Headdress (hat) beard (beard) Gold (money in Eds hand) Edwards portrayed Satan in the picture below, taken Christmas 1993 as he stood over the grave of one of his victims on the HBO Documentary, Paradise Lost, The Robin Hood Hills Murders.

Osiris 1Ed Paradise Lost

Police in Colorado Close Jaryd Atadero Case

2004. December 20th, Larimer County Colorado Officials claim 3 year old Jaryd Atadero missing since October 2, 1999, was not murdered. Jaryd was kidnapped the day after John and Patsy Ramsey were indicted in Boulder Colorado. His remains were found 4 years later planted on a steep hillside in a park . Edwards had groomed his way into a Christian Singles Group in Denver Colorado and kidnapped, beheaded and denied the remains of Jaryd Atadero to his family.

12-20-2004 Larimer County Colorado Closes Case of Jaryd AtaderoJaryd Missing Poster

Jaryd’s remains were planted near Rocky Mountain National Park. Chandra Levy’s remains were planted in Rock Creek Park and Laci Peterson’s remains were planted in Isabel Regional Shoreline Park. Edwards planted bodies in public parks his entire life.

2005, March 17th REDWOOD CITY, California (CNN) — A California judge Wednesday sentenced Scott Peterson to die by lethal injection for killing his pregnant wife and her fetus, calling the deaths “cruel, uncaring, heartless and callous.”

Scott Peterson

2005, March 22, Modesto California. After Scott Peterson is sent to San-Quentin, Edwards starts taunting a blog site devoted to the Laci and Scott Peterson case. Edwards used the monicker IKLP which stood for I Killed Laci Peterson. Edwards sent 2 codes to the blogging group. Scott Peterson Fratpack Short Code IM Edward Edwards

2005, April 9th. Ed Edwards posted on Google his theory that Bill McReynolds, a friend of John and Patsy Ramseys, killed JonBenet. Bill McReynolds had played Santa Clause for parties.

JonBenet Ramsey and Santa Clause

John and Patsy were interviewed about Bill McReynolds. John and Patsy Ramsey Interview Santa Clause. Edwards posted his theory April 9th, 2005 on Google. Edward Edwards Post 2005 Santa Clause Bill McReynolds

2005, October 31. Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Ed Edwards kills Teresa Halbach and Steven Avery is arrested for killing her. Halbach was killed by knife, rope, gun and fire. Halbach’s remains are in shattered pieces, burned and placed in Steven Avery’s back yard fire pit. Halbach’s vehicle is found on the Avery Salvage Yard and Avery’s blood and sweat are planted in the vehicle. Avery is charged. In 2015 Net Flix released a documentary on the killing and setup.

Case Reveiw Teresa Halbach Steven Avery Brendan Dassey

Steven Avery November 2005Missing-poster-Halbach200

2006, March 2, Two Rivers Wisconsin. Brendan Dassey, age 17 is arrested and charged with killing Teresa Halbach after he falsely confesses.

Branden Dassey

2006, March 31, Modesto, California. Scott Peterson’s family announce a 250,000 dollar reward for Laci Peterson’s real killer.

Jackie and lee Peterson reward

2006, April 22. Toledo Ohio. Father Gerald Robinsons trial for killing Sister Margaret Pahl is going on in Toledo. A letter sent to police in 2002 started the investigation into Father Robinson. The letter came from an anonymous psychiatric patient of a “Dr. of Psychiatry.” During the trial, Edwards started taunting John and Patsy Ramsey with anonymous Emails from DAXIS. Patsy Ramsey was dying of cancer at the time.

Father Robinson April 22 20062006, May 11th. Toledo, Ohio. Father Gerald Robinson arrested, tried and convicted, sentenced to life, for Edwards’ Easter Saturday, April 6th 1980 killing of Sister Margaret Pahl in a Catholic church sacristy in Toledo’s Mercy Hospital. Edwards posed as a priest to kill the nun and setup the innocent Father Gerald Robinson

Sisiter PahlFather Robinson1

2006, June 24th. Atlanta, Georgia. Patsy Ramsey dies at 3:30 am of Ovarian Cancer at her fathers home. DAXIS, an anonymous E-mailer that taunted the Ramseys for years, leads the evidence in the JonBenet Ramsey case to John Mark Karr just before Patsy’s death. Edward Wayne Edwards was DAXIS.

Patsy Ramsey Diesjohn_mark_karr2

Patsy Ramsey John Mark Karr

June, 2006, Toledo Ohio. Edwards targets Toledo, Ohio after the wrongful conviction of Father Gerald Robinson. Edwards targets Robert A Wiles, a Toledo native living in Lakeland, Florida working for his father Tom Wiles. A 250,000 dollar life insurance policy is purchased by Tom Wiles on his son Robert.

Tom Wiles Obtains Kidnapping Insurance

2 years after the policy was purchased, Edwards kidnapped Robert A Wiles, denied his remains to his mom and dad forever, and setup an innocent employee of the company named Stobert Toby Holt.

2006, August 17th. Thailand. John Mark Karr falsely confesses to killing JonBenet Ramsey. Emails are sent to journalism Professor Michael Tracy confessing to killing JonBenet Ramsey.John Mark Karr Emails to Colorado Professor. Warrant for arrest John Mark Karr. The investigation is led to Thailand.

2006, September 17th. Pinyon Pines, California. Possible Edward Edwards triple murder. Riverside area of California. Becky Friedli, 18, Vicki Friedli, 53, and Jon Hayward, 55, were killed the night of Sept. 17, 2006. Shot and burned to death. Pinyon Pines Triple Murder The victims are all related to members of law enforcement and Riverside Police Department. this is the police department Edwards targeted because of their wrongful accusation in the1966 Zodiac Killer case.Cheri Joe Bates http://www.zodiackiller.com/Bates.html

March 30, 2008. The Zodiac Manson Connection. A YouTube Video is released and ties Edward Edwards with Charles Manson family member Larry Melton, AKA White Rabbit pictured here.

At 1:48 in the YouTube video, a shot reveals White Rabbit sitting next to a man the same age, height, weight and appearance as Edward Edwards. It was filmed July 4th, 2002 at the Zodiackiller.com reunion held in Vallejo, California by Tom Voigt. White Rabbit in the floral, is sitting next to a man like Edward Wayne Edwards, the man in the white t-shirt and white ball-cap. Edwards’ next killing will be a kidnapping and ransom note signed by GROUP X. White Rabbit has an X on his forehead that he prominently displays for a few seconds(1:48) in video

Ed 5Group X Larry Melton Ed EdwardsCharles Manson Member White Rabbit

Group X

2008, April 1, Lakeland, Florida. two days after the Manson/Zodiac YouTube video was released Edwards kidnaps and kills Toledo resident Robert A Wiles Kidnapping. Edwards will steer the kidnapping to Thailand like he did in the JonBenet Ramsey case in 2006. Daxis Story to the Ramseys and Michael Tracy

Robert Wiles missing

Edwards commits the crime on April Fools Day, his mother’s birthday. Edwards sends a ransom note with similar syntax as the JonBenet Ramsey ransom note, and sets up an innocent man named Stobert Holt. Robert Wiles body never found.

Wiles Ransom NoteEdwards signed the ransom note “Group X” which stands for “Signed By The Cross”, ” SBTC” ZodiacThe Zodiac.

Edwards Sends Wiles Family a Letter Detailing the killer is a Dr. of Psychiatry

Zubin Mistry

Robert Wiles Conversation Handed to Wiles Family By Edwards using Alias Vernon Hutchison

Robert Wiles Dead COnversation Robert Wiles Dead Conversation 2

2008, June 14, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. MURDER Megan Lynne Touma, 7 months pregnant. It was planned to occur on Edwards’ 75th Birthday, born June 14th, 1933

Megan Touma

Edwards strangled and drowned Megan Touma in a bathtub at the Fairfield Inn, Cross Creek Mall near Fort Bragg. He killed her and her unborn child, and drew the Zodiac Sign in lipstick on the dresser mirror. He committed the murder at the CROSS CREEK MALL to tie the location to the ZODIAC CROSS and CIRCLE. Edwards was making a statement in his last killings. He was “The Zodiac Killer” from 1968 and “The Lipstick Killer” from 1946. Edwards sent a Zodiac Killer letter claiming he was at the scene

ZOdiac Letter Fort Bragg

2008, July 9th. Boulder, Colorado. Boulder District Attorney Mary Lacy clears the Ramseys in JonBenet’s death and state there is touch DNA on JonBenets long underwear and mixed with the blood in her panties.Letter to John Ramsey July 9 2008 from Mary Lacy

2008, July. Washington DC. The Washington Post does a 13 part series on “Who Killed Chandra Levy” The article points the evidence at Ingmar Guandique Edwards had actually killed her, hid her body for a year and planted it May 22, 2002, the day the Levy’s were on TV begging for her return.

2008, November. Washington DC. An informant supplies police in Washington DC with information regarding Ingmar Guandique, claiming he confessed to killing Chandra Levy in 2001.

Ingmar Guandique Arrest Warrant Witness # 10

Ingmar Guandique Arrest Warrant Witness # 10

2008, November 14th. Columbia, Illinois. Edwards starts planning a revenge killing of three people. Edwards targets the head of security for Joyce Myer Ministries, Christopher Coleman and sends and email warning the intended victims. The threat was sent on Adam Walsh Birthday (11-14-74)


Coleman Threat 3 November 14 2008

Coleman Threat 2 November 12 2008

Coleman Threat November 14 2008

Edwards had sent these threats from a Gmail account he created from Christopher Coleman’s work computer. Coleman was in Florida having an affair in November of 2008. Edwards was in Florida leading Mrs. Wiles, the mother of Robert Wiles, all over Florida looking for her son through false information. Edwards had killed Robert in Florida on April 1st, 2008. Edwards was awaiting police in Hollywood, Florida to announce that Ottis Toole killed Adam Walsh. Edwards had killed Adam and taunted John Walsh with a Zodiac Killer Letter


2008, December 17th. Hollywood, Florida. Police announce that Ottis Toole is the killer of Adam Walsh. Edwards will kill 3 more people before his capture. He will do it in Illinois where his killings began in 1945 and tie it to Adam Walsh.Hollywood, Florida Police December 17 2008

Ottis Toole

Ottis Toole

2009, January 2nd. Columbia, Illinois. Edwards places a threatening letter in the mailbox of Christopher Coleman, the head of security for Joyce Meyer Ministries. The date of the threat is tied to the January 2, 1956 Great Falls , Montana lovers lane murder. Edwards will kill Christopher’s entire family and frame him.

January 2 2009 Coleman Threat

2009, February 19th. Washington DC. An informant Armando Morales comes forward claiming he heard Ingmar Guandique confess to killing Chandra Levy while they were housed in a Big Sandy federal prison together in Kentucky, 2006.

Ingmar Guandique Arrest Warrant Witness # 11

Ingmar Guandique Arrest Warrant Witness # 11

2009, February 19th. Washington DC. Another informant from federal prison named Miguel Zaldivar had sent a letter regarding Armando Morales’ information to a US Attorney in Washington DC. Morales came forward through Zaldivar and the letter was typed to Federal Prosecutor Paul E Pelletier.

Miguel Zaldivar Letter February 19 2009 page 1Miguel Zaldivar Letter February 19 2009 Page 2Miguel Zaldivar Letter February 19 2009 Page 3

The informant who wrote this letter, Miguel Zaldivar, has been incarcerated since May of 1986 in Florida as a major cocaine drug conspirator.Miguel Zaldivar Charged in Conspiracy May 1986 Atlanta, Georgia. Edwards was in prison from April 1982 until June 1986. He was released 1 month after the indictment came down on Miguel Zaldivar.

Edwards NCIC record showing arrest in Atlanta April 1982. Released June 1986

Edwards NCIC record showing arrest in Atlanta April 1982. Released June 1986

2009, March. Washington DC. Police arrest Ingmar Guandique for killing Chandra Levy in 2001 based on the “Informants” information. Ingmar Guandique Arrested 2009

Ingmar Guandique.jpg

2009, March. Jefferson, Wisconsin. Edwards’ 40 year old daughter April Edwards calls police after watching a cold case special about a 1980 double murder near Madison ,Wisconsin. She tells police her father took her and her brothers to the scene of a double murder.

Timothy Hack and Kelly Drew

Timothy Hack and Kelly Drew

In March of 2009 Edwards knew his daughter turned him in and planned his last killing to occur on the anniversary of him killing three-8 year old boys in the West Memphis, Arkansas, West Memphis Three case, and setting up 3 teens who will be released August 2010.

West Memphis ReleaseWest Memphis Victims

2009, April 6th. Columbia Illinois. Edwards places another threatening letter in Christopher Coleman’s mailbox. Christopher was in Hawaii when his wife Sheri received the letter. This letter arrived on the anniversary date of Ed Edwards escaping an Ohio courtroom, April 6th, 1955 and committing dozens of murders all over the USA until his capture, March 6th 1956 in Montana.

Edwards escapes April 6th 1955

In 2015 police state they do not have this letter. It’s the only letter that can exonerate Christopher Coleman but it is now missing according to police.

2009, April 27th. Columbia, Illinois. Edwards places another letter in Christopher Coleman’s mailbox warning him he is about to kill his entire family. The letter is placed on the anniversary date that Edwards groomed his way into 14 year old Stephanie Bryan in 1955 and killed her in Berkeley, California. Burton Abbott was executed in 1957 for this killing. He was framed by Edwards just like he is about to do to Christopher Coleman.

Stephanie Bryan 1955I was framed Burton Abbott

April 27 2009 Threat Coleman

2009, May 5th. Columbia, Illinois. Edwards last triple killing before caught occurred on the anniversary date of killing three 8 year old boys in West Memphis, Arkansas, May 5th, 1993. Edwards targeted Joyce Meyer Ministries which is located near St. Louis, Missouri. Edwards set-up the head of her security, Christopher Coleman. The Columbia Illinois Police Department was lead by a man named Chief Edwards. Edwards killed Christopher Coleman’s two children and wife, strangling them in their sleep like JonBenet Ramsey. Christopher Coleman.

Christopher Coleman, 2009 still serving

Christopher Coleman, 2009 still serving


Columbia Edwards

Coleman mentioned in the book

Metamorphosis of a criminal and Meyers

Joyce Meyer Testimony Christopher Coleman Case

Edwards killed Sherri Coleman age 32, her son Garret age 11, and Gavin age 9 in their own home while they slept. All three were strangled in their beds. Sherri had been struck in the face like many of Edwards’ previous victims.

Coleman Crime Scene Sketch

Sheri Coleman worked as a receptionist at Destiny Church in St. Louis, Missouri. The round bed she was killed on was donated to her church prior to her death. Sheri was laid out face down, legs crossed at ankles, hands out and bent at elbows and her hair was draped over her face. Her head was hanging down near the edge of the bed.

DETECTIVE DOUGLAS April 6th Letter interview Tara 3

Letter to Michael Baden Forensic Services Behavior Report

Forensic Services Behavior Report

Edwards sprayed messages on the walls and beds in red spray paint.





Edwards placed mirror imaged letters and numbers to his name to form the message I SAW YOU LEAVE.

47 2


Two “7s” in mirror image form a “W” There are 7 letters to the last name EDWARDS. The 4th letter of the alphabet is “D.” The capital “E” has a long middle stem pointing to the mirror imaged “4.” There are 4 D’s in the name Edward Wayne Edwards.

E 7 WEd Eds

The V in Leave was an upside down 7. The A in LEAVE was made with a 7 and an upside down 4. The 4th letter of the alphabet is D. The Capital E points to the number 4 which makes the word ED followed by W followed by E. Ed W E. The rest of the writing contained the remaining letters to his name.

You DS

The word YOU was made with an upside down “d” pointing to the capital E below and attached to a sideways S. The “d” and “s” were sprayed first starting from the end of the word “YOU”



You W


The “Y” in “YOU” was made with an upside down small case “m”, painted over the small case “d” and “s”. The mirror image “m” points to the “I” above it making “I’m.” The “S” in “SAW” is a sideways small case “n” which in Ed Edwards April 20, 1970 Zodiac Killer Identity Cipher, a small case “n” equaled “r”. RAW or “RA” was an ancient Egyptian Satan that Edward Wayne Edwards portrayed through his study of Alleister Crowley’s Liber 777 book of the occult, magic and allusion.777

Im Ed W Edwards2Identity Cipher


Edwards had used similar puzzles in the 1969-70 Zodiac case. When the puzzles were solved in 2010 it named him.

Identity Cipher Solved 1Solved 18 characters

The message at the Coleman house “I SAW YOU LEAVE” said “I’m Ed W Edwards” followed by “Fuck You I’m Alway Watching.”

Fuck You I'm Alway Watching

The letters in “Fuck You I’m Alway Watching” were also mirror imaged letters and numbers combined along with the Greek Alphabet. Edwards left the “S” off of “Always” and used the Greek “Theta” combined with number ” 7″ to make the letter “A” and “L” in “ALWAY. An “L” is an upside “7” Edwards had used Greek in the Zodiac Killer Ciphers.

Alway 7

Alway A

In Archaic Terms the Greek Theta was represented by The Zodiac SignGreek Archaic Theta 1Edwards also used the Theta in the word “WATCHING.” Edwards had used the Greek alphabet in his Zodiac Killer letters in 1970. The word “YOU” in “Fuck You” was made with an upside down small case”d” and an upside down small case “n”

You 2 Upside down 2

The “Y” in “YOU” is a small case “y” coming after a large capital “K” in the word “FUCK”



Sideways H

Paid D


Paid A


Paid H


Paid L


Paid I 2


Paid a 1


The word “PAID” had the letters to spell “DAHLIA.” Edwards killed Elizabeth Short known as The Black Dahlia, in 1947. That is why he used the numbers 4 and 7 throughout the writings on the wall.


Edwards confessed to killing the Black Dahlia on this website in 2002


Edwards tied his last murder of the three Coleman’s to Illinois because that is where it all began in 1945 when he was 12 and he wrote in red on the walls:

Catch Edward Edwards

I Saw You Leave

Note the similarity to the “E’s” and “C’s”. The 1945-46 triple Lipstick Killings occurred in Chicago, Illinois where Christopher Coleman’s wife Sheri was from. Sheri’s father was in prison Florida and her mother lived in Chicago.

Just before Edwards capture and after killing the Coleman’s, Edwards confessed online to being a child killer, tying his rant to the 1981 killing of Adam Walsh born in 74. (47)

Bababijan Confession1Bababijan Confession 2BabaBaba1Edwards Mentions Liber 777 and his Forced Bussing Letter from 1981. Here it is:

Edwards Forced Bussing Letter

2009, July 30, Louisville, Kentucky. Edwards, pictured below, arrested for his first murder.

Edward Wayne Edwards 2011 March


2009, December 18th. Lakeland, Florida. Stobert Holt , pictured below, arrested for Edwards’ April 1st 2008 kidnapping, ransom and killing of ROBERT A WILES from TOLEDO, OHIO.

Stobert Holt





2010, April, May, June. Edwards starts writing to police in Ohio confessing to more murders and telling them there are more.Edwards 2010 Confessional Letters to Ohio Authorities

2010, November 23, Washington DC. Ingmar Guandique is found guilty of killing Chandra Levy in 2001. Edwards, the real killer, was in jail claiming to have done more murders at this time.Ingmar Guandique Guilty Washington Post

Edwards' 2010 Letter Claiming there are Other Murders

Edwards’ 2010 Letter Claiming there are Other Murders

2010, Ohio. John A Cameron contacts April Edwards, Ed’s oldest daughter and she supplies John Cameron a timeline of her younger life.

April Edwards Life TimelineApril Edwards Life Timeline 2April Edwards Life Timeline 3April Edwards Life Timline 4

2011, April 7th. Ed Edwards dies in prison.

2011, May 5th. Columbia, Illinois. Christopher Coleman is convicted of killing his family and sentenced to 300 years. Christopher Coleman was the last death penalty case in Illinois.

Edwards 2010 Confessional Letters to Ohio Authorities

Edwards Confesses to the News and Demands Death Penalty

Cameron Confronts Edwards by Letter About 1956 Lover’s Lane Killing