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1928, May 30th. Akron, Ohio. EDWARDS IS BORN. According to Edwards NCIC records, he had used 2 different dates of birth. The first was May 30th, 1928. The second was June 14th, 1933. A 5 year difference.

Eds Date of Births

1933, June 14, Akron,Ohio: EDWARDS IS BORN. Edwards date of birth from 1986 until 2009 is listed on Edwards NCIC Records as 6-14-1933. His records from the 1950’s lists the 5-30-1928 DOB. Edwards 1956 Montana Deer Lodge Prison records list his birth name as “CHARLES EDWARD MYERS.”

Deer Lodge Prison

Eds Date of Births1938, August 2, Akron, Ohio: Ed’s mother Lillian Myers is shot in the stomach.

1938, August 8, Akron, Ohio: Ed’s mother Lillian Myers dies of Septicemia, Ed is 5 (or 10), his name is changed to “EDWARD WAYNE EDWARDS.” He is adopted by Fred and Mary Ethel Edwards. Mary Ethel also dies shortly after the death of Ed’s first mother.

Lillian Myers Death Certificate

Edward’s mother’s death certificate


The Making of a Criminal

1940, October, Parmadale, Ohio: Edwards, age 7 is sent to Parmadale Catholic Orphanage for out of control behavior. Edwards remains in Parmadale Catholic Orphanage from 1940 until 1945.

Parmadale First ExperienceBed wetter 1945, Cleveland, Ohio: Edwards, age 12 is thrown out of Parmadale Catholic Orphanage near Cleveland, Ohio. During his formative years, a serial killer who cuts people up and lays them out in public is all over the front pages.

Cleveland Torso Slayer


Josephine Ross Francis Brown Suzanne DegnanEd Edwards  Josephine Ross   Francis Brown    Suzanne Degnan

Edward Wayne Edwards commits his first known murders age 13 (or 18)

Edward Wayne Edwards Age 17 Diagnosis

Edward Wayne Edwards Age 17 Diagnosis

1945, June 5, Chicago, Illinois: MURDER, 43 year old Josephine Ross. Stabbed, throat slit and placed in bathtub. Body washed and adhesive tape placed on wounds of the body.

1945, December 11, Chicago, Illinois: MURDER Frances Brown. Shot to the head, stabbed postmortem, placed in a bathtub, body washed, adhesive tape placed on wounds. LIPSTICK MESSAGE LEFT ON WALL.

Catch Edward Edwards










Edwards 1946 Psych EvalEdwards 1946 Psych Eval 1Edwards 1946 Psych Eval 2

1946, January 6-7th, Chicago, Illinois: By age 12 (18), Edwards had killed two women that represented his mother. His next victim is a 6 year old girl. He lured her out of her home on a Sunday night and left a message and ransom note.

suzanne degnan chicago murdersuzanne degnan ransom note suzanne degnan lipstick sign








1946, January 6-7th, Chicago, Illinois: MURDER 6 year old Suzanne Degnan. Suzanne Degnan, pictured above, was Edwards’ first known murder of a 6 year old girl, lured out of her own home to a basement, and killed while her parents slept. He dismembered her in a wash basin. He left a false ransom note. 50 years later he will kill JonBenet Ramsey in a similar M.O. Suzanne was beheaded and dismembered in a basement. Edwards spread her remains throughout the sewers of Chicago and taunted the family, press and police with false letters and phone calls. Edwards documented Suzanne’s killing in his book. He will detail the THREE hours he had with her in a basement.

Edwards 1972 Book Describing January 1946 and what girls are for Suzanne Degnan

1946, October Akron, Ohio: Edwards is a runaway but caught burning a bible and vandalizing a Catholic Church. Nobody knows he has been killing in surrounding states. He details the age of 13 and describes his next killing as a parable in his book.

When I was Thirteen Alibi1947, January 15, LosAngeles, California: Edwards, age (13 or 18) kills 22 year old Elizabeth Short, known as The Black Dahlia.


Edwards detailed the year 1946-47 in his book. Portions of which described Elizabeth Short’s injuries.


Edwards confessed to the killing in 2002 on a website he developed called Blackdahliasolution.org He admitted to being 13 and in LosAngeles the morning after the murder:

“In January of 1947 I was 13 years old. I loved riddles and murder mysteries. I regularly listened to radio programs like: Suspense, The Whistler, Lights Out, and Inner Sanctum. And I was impressionable. On 1/16/47, I read, “Fiend Tortures, Kills Girl; Leaves Body in L.A. Lot,” in the morning LA Examiner headlines. The front-page article said that the girl was nude and bisected at the waist.”

On January 8th, 1997, the 50 year anniversary of Edwards luring the Black Dahlia to a hotel room in LosAngeles, Edwards posted the way he felt when he was 13 years old on Google Blogs

March 5th 1997 Edward Wayne Edwards alias joe1orbit Google Blogs

1947. January 22. Hollywood, California: Edwards is pictured in the LosAngeles Examiner at age 13 and a half standing with Elizabeth Short in a photo booth shortly before her death. Police are trying to identify the young man in the photo who had checked into a hotel room demanding a bathtub. They never identify the boy in the picture but have information that he was from OHIO.

elizabeth short black dahlia parents identify boy in photo elizabeth short black dahlia edward wayne edwards

elizabeth short black dahlia herald express paper clue


Ohio Car and Youth

Edwards age 21

1947, June. FBI REPORTS ATTEMPTING TO ID EDWARDS Edwards never gets identified in 1947. His deep resentment for his mother and older people is reflected in his first three murders. He is caught burning a Bible in Akron, Ohio and is sent to Saint Gerard’s Catholic Reformatory in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. He has been diagnosed a sado masochist with deep dislike for old people.

Edwards Psyc Eval Summary 1946-50 Parmadale Catholic Orphanage


1947, Edwards is age 14 and is locked up for 2 years. In 1997, 50 years after killing Elizabeth Short (Black Dahlia) Edwards blogged at what age he started killing. Google Good Bye Joe joe1orbit

“I honor and validate my existence each and every day. As to having respect for others, I do have intellectual respect for a few people that I view as being intelligent and kind. But on a purely emotional level you are probably correct in saying that I have no respect for others. People are mirrors, I reflect back at society the sum total of what society reflected at me from my birth up until age
13. Nobody respected me, and now I respect noone, on an emotional level.
Take care, JOE”

(Edward Wayne Edwards, March 5th 1997)

1948, In Reformatory.

1949, In Reformatory.

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